About Us


Natasha Lynn

Founder & CEO

I am Natasha Lynn, Founder and CEO of Salon Boss USA. Throughout my 15 years as a stylist and business owner I seen the many ups and downs of the beauty industry. I witnessed many talented professionals (including myself) struggle trying to stabilize their business income as well as their home life expenses.  In many cases people were forced to get a second jobs to make up for the lack of clientele, lack of income, or to supplement for health insurance. Some have even reluctantly left the field all together.  I have created a community for these professionals, keeping them in their field of expertise and providing each one with full access to every opportunity available. 


Success lives in our community but first begins in the mind.

"Investing in your business is the first and most important step to financial freedom"...

Natasha Lynn

Look no further we are your solution!