7 ways you can support business owners in your family or friend circle ....

1. Pay full price

Yes I know who doesn't love a discount or freebies! The fact is we all do, but in the case of supporting a business why put the pressure on your family or friend as if their has to be a discount because we are related or homies... It's a known fact that over half of business fail within the first 5 years of being open. I bet this number will begin to diminish when we really begin to financially support...Financial support is vital!

2. Learn the business

Learn what it is your family member does and participate in helping if needed... Nothing is more awkward or annoying than someone trying to explain a business that they really have no clue about...

3. Show up!

Support business functions or events...

Support can go along way. Showing up for event's can have a great impact on the business owners self esteem...Business owners are more likely to push through harder times when they know they have a good support team.

4.Spread the word

Tell people about this business! Share and comment on social media posts. Share your personal experiences and the things that you like about this business. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising there is.

5. Pretend that they are not family or friends

At times we take for granted when we know the person well and some feel like they can do things that they wouldn’t normally do if it were someone else’s business. Privileges are great but let’s remember not to take the professionalism out of someone else’s business. No slacking!

6. Treat their business as if it were your own

I learned that when you treat someone else’s business as your own it shows you how to love, care for, and appreciate that person's vision. This is practice for you when you decide to open the doors to your business. And let’s not forget that you will greatly appreciate the same dedication and respect from others when it’s your turn.

7. Feedback

Feedback is great and very necessary to a business owner. Know your relationship with that friend or family member. Don't let now be the time to test your constructive criticism. Negative thoughts are already swarming the business owners mind and you dont want add to it. If your input is asked, be gentle but truthful.

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