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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

So you’ve opened up your salon business and now it’s slow. People are not coming like they promised to. Money is tight and bills are due what do you do now?

A lot of salon owners and other business owners in the beauty industry have all experienced these questions. I don’t care who you are or what your name is the facts is "if you fail to plan you are planning to fail".~Benjamin Franklin

One of the most important things I’ve learned from running my salon business is after having a Plan A you must have, of course a Plan B and Plan C and maybe even a D...but never wait for plan A to fail to start Plan B. For example plan B and C should already be in the works, as plan A is successfully moving along. If for some reason plan A doesn’t chime out then plan B and C are ready to fully support. Often times we wait for one plan to fail to then start a new one and this is where we miss our mark.

Did you know that we were all born with the ability to multitask but for some peculiar reason we feel that in business we have to stick to one track or one goal? This couldn’t be further from the truth. Businesses ideas and strategies are forever evolving. So by the time you choose to start your business, that idea is already outdated and we must learn new innovative and creative ways to stay connected to the world that serves us. Yes that’s correct your business should serve you not the other way around.

But how?

I’m so glad you asked!

Here are 7 successful habits you can implement in your business. Keep your doors open and your accounts full!

1) Plan and prepare...set aside a weekly meeting with yourself to write out new ideas of things you may want to try or implement... Every week revisit your old ideas along with the new ones you have been writing down. Once a month pick your favorite or most popular idea and implement that into your business.

2.) Surround yourself with like minds... join new Facebook groups, social clubs, or events with other business owners...Keep in mind that all of the groups and events you join do not have to be of the people that are in the same business. Some people are looking for a service or business idea but they just don’t know it yet until they meet you.

3.) Be open and prepared for new opportunities... opportunities present themselves all the time but the majority of people just aren’t prepared. Whether it’s one certification short, five mins late, or seven hours less of a class...opportunity has came and left. But it will come again so be prepared when it does. Schedule your days, prepare your time, and always take time to learn more. Overly qualified issues only happen to people who are not seeking high enough aka unprepared and unsure of one's self.

4.) Write out your current paycheck and create a goal paycheck... Your ideas and plans for your business should be working together to give you your financial goal you desire.

5.) Just say NO to dream killers... There are sometimes people or things in our lives that won't agree with the dreams you have for your life...they won't always see your vision, support your vision, or help you get to your vision...these are the killers... Conversation should be kept small with these people. Of course you still love them and some you may have to associate your self with from time to time but you want to be careful that their talk isn't slowly killing your dream because of their fears or lack of information.

6.) Post Social Media ads... Posting ads is a great way of communicating to potential customers and clients. Not all advertising is free so set a comfortable budget of what you can afford or willing to invest in your ad and get feedback to see how well it is working. Remember people need the services you provide and they are looking for YOU!

7.) Someone needs to hold you accountable...other than yourself. Some of us are just blessed to be self motivated...we don't really need others to challenge us, we got it all under control... If your saying this...please stop and get help! No matter how self motivated you are there's always more. If you want the best to come forth you will need the help of someone else. It could be someone else's perception, someone else's ideas for your business, or just someone to encourage you along the way...but we ALL need help! Coaches and accountability partners are the best way to get started.

Refrain from using people who won't speak up to tell you the truth, these people won't help you achieve your very best...Also be open for when this assigned person gives you feedback (especially constructive criticism) to hear them out and not to be offended by their perspective. With the help of the right coach or accountability partner you will be pushed beyond what you think is your limits, diving deeper into a creative pool of business success on to financial success!

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