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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

You could just be getting started in your business or have been in business for several years. One very important thing to do is to always have strategies set in place. What do I mean by that? Things change, times change, and technology changes; which means? People's needs will change!

Here's an example... If my business were providing phone booths on every corner to ensure that everyone had access to a telephone, my business would have seen a significant decline in the last 20 years, due to the evolution of cell phones. It would be very unwise for me to think my business of selling these booths would continue to profit me, or at the very least stay the same as it was 20 years prior.

With some mental visualization and strategic planning I may decide to keep the booth, widen it out a little for a few more people and install charging stations instead of phones. If you are like me, and have left your charger at home before and may not have access to a car charger.. Ugh! I hate having my phone die on me. So what did I just do? I found a problem in my business and came up with a solution. This invention could for sure be profitable especially in areas were there is a lot of foot traffic, tourist areas, and restaurants. Notice I didn't have to leave my passion for phones I just had to tweak some things concerning the product. Now think about how many businesses you have seen just in the last 5 years close their doors...Could they maybe have been stuck in an old routine way of doing things? Or possibly got run out by a more advanced way? Taking time out to strategize for your business is extremely vital! Here are some great tips I personally use to keep my business successful!


1) Keep a pen and pad or your cell phone notes ready. When ideas come (and they will come at any moment) Write them down immediately! When you have your downtime or planning time, revist these ideas....

2) Set weekly meetings within your business discussing financial goals, income, profit, out going, success, failures, and new methods vs old methods. If you are a one man business ( like myself) You too are not excempt. This will help you to be more creative and disciplined right now as you prepare for the expansion and also help prevent unwanted surprises or setbacks.

3) Get at least 2 dependable people you can rely on to hold you accountable...I suggest at least one of them be a mentor or coach...they see your potential inside you and help you bring it out by pushing you to reach your goals.. The other can be an accountability partner who should at least be equal to your qualifications or higher. This person should also have the same drive you do to succeed... Remember, this is not the time to be pulling on someone trying to motivate them...You will have plenty of time to

be a mentor later, get your business in order first.

4) Schedule monthly lunch dates or brain storming sessions with like minded people. It's encouraging and refreshing to see others setting goals and moving towards them... It makes you want to move! Just one or two of these sessions will help you to see just how consistent your are with your goals, as well as what you need to work on.

5) Get your mind right...Affirm everyday who it is you want to be, what your money will look like, where you are going, all of the good things you desire. Then visualize yourself already having it. Say it like you mean it. This exercise stimulates and motivates your subconscious mind to keep moving and watch the things around you begin to change.

6) Designate your time...Plan your days...schedule time for your business, your self, family, friends or associates, most importantly God. He wants to talk to you and give you the divine ideas you are looking for. Be aware of time killers, once your time is gone you can't get it back..Time killers can be over use of social media, unnecessary phone calls or conversations leading no where, excessively watching TV, sleeping in, or any distractions keeping you from your ultimate goal.

7) Invest in your investing in your business you are investing in yourself, your life, your family, your future! This is good time where it's ok for you to be selfish...It's only for the greater good. How do you invest in your business you ask? Several ways...

*Further your education concerning your business....this is gaining access to resources by purchasing classes, courses, online sessions, coaching,and or reading materials in your field. Many times you can find free information but never be afraid to spend money that will give you a maximized return.

*Invest in your dress...Your appearance is the first thing people see before you speak. If you need to purchase attire appropriate for your position do so. Set a budget of how much you want to spend and stick with it. There was a time when I had little to no budget for my attire. Every other week I took what I did have and I bought 2 clothing items per month. In 12 months that was a whole new wardrobe.

*Hairstyles or grooming maintenance is a must. No matter the style or look you are going for there is a way to execute it in a professional manner. I won't harp on this to much because I could stay here forever! But everyday you go out remember you are the sole representative of your business. You don't ever want to miss out on an opportunity that could change your entire life because you decided not to take your appearance seriously.


Leaving you with this...never expect anyone to work harder for your business than you. If you are expecting someone to have the same passion for your own business as you, you are sadly mistaken. Your business should be your dream...your baby. You don't allow strangers or people you are not familiar with to keep your child nor should you with your business. Your name is attached to it so be very careful of who you allow to represent you within it. Now that you are a business owner everything you do concerning your business should be strategic. Never allow things to just happen...Leaders lead, but successful leaders make no excuses, plan their days, and make ways!

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