Can hormones cause my hair to change?

Changes like puberty, pregnancy, menopause can cause a change in your hair and skin.

Hormonal changes during puberty can actually cause your hair to curl or straighten. Here are a few ways hormones can change your hair:





Dry Longer







Facts: Sebaceous gland (oil glands) becomes larger and more active during puberty and again in your 20's and start slowing down in your 40-50’s. This is mainly why you see more breakouts when you are younger and less the older you get. The skin will start to need extra moisture and oils as you age.

Fact: Normal Puberty for young women is between 8-13 years of age.

Facts: Most men‘s sebaceous gland is 5x more active then women.

Myth: Messing your hair up when you are young will stunt your hair growth for life. Total myth! Typical hair growth cycle can take between 4-7 years but the process of hair growth can start all over!

Fact: Genetically everyone's hair is programmed to stop growing at specific falls out when it enters the resting phase and eventually starts regrowing again.

Fact: You lose 50-100 hairs everyday!

Q: Does hair grow faster during the winter or summer months?

A: Neither... it normally grows evenly all year round.

Facts: Vitamins for healthy strong hair: ABCDE zinc,iron, and protein.

*Foods to eat for healthy hair growth

Avacado,eggs,spinach,fatty fish (like salmon) nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes.

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