Changing you hair color can boost your self esteem?🤔

Did you know something as simple as changing your hair color can give you an overall change in your mood? When you see certain colors it stimulates the brain, different colors stimulate your brain to have different reactions.

"It's because of the impact color has on the brain, which leads to an impact on your feelings and senses. “Color impacts the brain because it can greatly affect our physiology, since it influences anxiety, pulse, blood flow and arousal,”

Here are some ways colors are used to attract people...

Dark Blue – associated with night, often leads to passivity

Blue and Green – calming – blue is the most preferred color across cultures

Red and Orange – arousing-Red – may stimulate excitement and is used to light gambling casinos

Pink – interestingly calmed inmates in institutions”

Color also adds vibrancy and dimension to the face. Lighter colors such as light browns, coppers, and blondes will pick up and accent on the lighter areas of the face, and darker colors such as dark browns, reds, blues, and blacks will contour the face (accent the shadows of the face) to give the appearance of a slimmer face.

It is important to consult with a professional when determining hair color because just as color can boost your self esteem the wrong color can lower it as well. When consulting with a professional he or she should take in consideration your personality, place of employment, ease of maintenance, complexion (skin tone), eye color, facial features, and if you have ever recieved color before. This may seem like a lot but to any master colorist we know the impact that the right color can have on our clients, so we are prepared.

Live in color!!!

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