Hemp Product Testimonials:

Natasha Lynn’s Hemp Butter Products have a multipurpose use! Read some of our reviews on how our clients have successfully used their Hemp products!

“I use the hemp butter after shaving my armpits. Keep them from getting dark. Then I put my deodorant on.” JB

“I use the Hemp Butter on my feet everyday, no more dry hard feet! I’m sold!” Anonymous

“My blood pressure has dropped tremendously cannot wait to see results in my edges thank you for obeying God and opening up your business.” JL

“My husband and I love your product! He’s the one that said " bae order two big hemp butters from your friend that sells the lotion". I was tickled. Its really amazing Natasha!!! Girl he took one of the little ones from me and keeps in his locker at work for after his shower. Were truly appreciative!“ Alisa

“I absolutely love it ! Smell is great and it’s the right consistency of ingredients. Very smooth and lasts all day.” Tierra

“I’m using my Hemp Butter as a nipple cream. I lost mine and have been using your stuff and it is definitely helping.“ AH

“I started using Hemp Butter by Salon Boss a month ago and I can see the difference on my face and feel the difference in my knees.. You can use the Hemp Butter in many ways..Also the hemp oil is amazing! I normally use it before or after I workout...You will not be disappointed ❤️...Kay

“The butter consistency is amazing!” Denise

"I've been using the Natasha Lynn's Hemp Butter for about two months now and immediately noticed a difference in my skin and hair." I use it after showering primarily and have nothing but positive results." Skin is moisturized without being too oily or greasy. Pleasant fragrance that's not too strong." Noticable blemishes are gradually vanishing. I highly recommend to anyone who's looking for an ALL NATURAL product with awesome results. ". BM

“I love the Hemp Butter, it is best at night after my shower, that next morning skin is still so soft and it’s leaves your feet soft it’s an amazing product ❤️” Joy

“I been looking for product help my girls hair because they have very dry hair and never could find anything that truly work.. Until I tried Natasha Lynn’s Hemp Butter. It keep my girls hair so moisturizer it not to greasy it’s just right. Plus I can use on my body and the girls body. I use Hemp drops for every day mental focus as well! Win Win!” Shatara

“Anonymous - It helped me with my back aches I get after work. Also, it really helps with sore muscles after a good workout.” JM

“In love with this hemp butter it really helps my skin a lot!” DO

“This hemp butter is awesome! It is the best moisturizer I have used so far. It leaves my skin smooth and supple,without leaving a greasy feel. I have even used it in my hair. It moisturized my ends without leaving a heavy feel and define my curls !” Tasha

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