How to maintain your Protective Styles...

What are protective styles?

Styles that will protect the hair from daily stresses... like combing, brushing, teasing, pulling, braking or damaging the hair...

Its giving your hair a rest from the normal daily stress...


  • Weaves

  • Sew ins

  • Crochet hair

  • Braids

What they are not?

Protective styles do not mean that you never touch your hair again until to take out your weave. You must continue to clean your scalp and take care of your hair while it is protected.

Do not go longer than 2 weeks without cleaning your scalp and or washing your hair.

How can I do that?

  • Rinse or co wash

  • Dry shampoo, powder, and sprays

  • Tea tree oil with Quips

  • Shampoo and condition

Fully dry hair under a dryer or with a blow dryer to stop the smell and growth of fungus or mold in your hair.

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