"I'm thinking about cutting my hair... But I don’t know where to start"

This is one of the most popular statements I hear as a stylist from clients...

If you haven’t had this thought yet I’m sure it will hit you one day in your life time. For some, cutting your hair can be as easy as changing your close for the day, and for others be a major life decision. Although we can’t always control our hair texture, curl patterns, length, and or thickness, your hair style is a reflection of you, your personality or the way you feel about yourself.

One of my favorite things about cutting hair is that it adds dimension to the face.

Having the right cut can add the look of more fullness to a thinner face, shadowing or contouring to a more fuller face, curves to a more angled face, and angles to a rounded face.

When cutting your hair, you don’t always have to think of going boy short..but maybe add layers to break up the thickness of the hair or try creating height to a flatter occipital bone area. Haircuts are a work of art and can change the way you view yourself and the way others see you.

Before you decide on a cut, consult with licensed stylist who is skilled in precision cutting. He/She can help guide you to what cut is right for you! Try something new for a change...literally!

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