"I would...but let me check with my hair first".

Does your hair have you held captive?

Have you ever put off important dates, routines, or errands because of how your hair may react to the weather or environment? Many of us have...including myself. But why do we give our hair so much power over our days, weeks, months.. life?!!!

So many times I talk with women concerning their hair issues as to what could be the cause of it and about 70% of issues come from the unwillingness to change their old way of doing things. But why? Are we that comfortable with our daily routines that we'd rather complain about our dislikes than to begin doing things a little differently?🤔 I'm willing to believe some are. Change is not a bad word, it can actually be a close friend. Think of trying new foods, exploring new places, or getting to know new people... Sometimes the thought of these things can be a little intimidating but think of all the new and exciting things you've experienced by using this process. This should not to different with our hair. If we wear the same ponytail the same way for 30 years never changing it you will most definitely challenge the growth of your hair as well as it's overall health. So yes change can be great!!

What are some creative ways you get your clients to change or try new hairstyles?

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