Self Motivation

The first step to self love

What is your motivation? Why?

What is it or who is it that drives you to be better everyday? When we find our motivation we usually pull it from and area in our life that has a lot of meaning. Wanting to give a better life to our children then we once had can be a motivation. Losing a loved one too soon may be your motivation. Experiencing lack could be someone's motivation. Waking up everyday devoted to a dead end job just might be your motivation. Whatever the reason, know that these aren't bad reasons to get started, BUT there is nothing more powerful than YOU being your own motivation! Sound crazy?

Maybe to some why are not yet aware of who they are and how meaningful they are in this life. We give people and things too much power over our lives. If you extract that motivation (person or thing) from the situation would you still have the drive to move? No person or thing should motivate you more than your own self will, determination, and self love. Sometimes we can use others as a way of not facing or committing to ourselves. It's easy to say you want to give your child a better life if you do one step better than how your parents raised you've succeeded you've won...but on what level?

You may be fulfilling a huge goal or accomplishment for a deceased family member that would be so very proud to see the moment. If that person were still alive would you still set out to achieve that goal? Would it still have the same meaning?

My point is this, when your goals are self driven you not only put the focus on you but you are also holding yourself accountable to achieve it. And yes, I think it's also even a great idea to have an accountability partner to help you through it, but ultimately you are doing it for you! It's also ok to have others benefit from your goal but no one has to die, become ill, or experience a hardship for you to do what you need to do.

You are enough and the decision to want to be better is enough! So don't sit and wait looking for someone else to be your reason to get started. Your biggest "why" should be, "Why not me, Why not now?!!"

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