Social Integrity

What does your social media post say about your life?

Q: Are you a ranter (you have an opinion about everything) and so you post about it and have to let the world know?

Q: Or maybe your boss isn't the kindest. Do you make it a point to list his lack of qualifications on your social network?

Q: Are you in an unhealthy relationship where you have to voice your side and don't mind giving out personal details?

Q: Could you be envious of others who seem to be excelling, and you make rude comments or ignore their posts all together to make yourself feel less insecure?

Whichever the person you are, think first of who the person you want to be representing your business.

Begin by giving your self an interview asking these questions...

1. Is what I choose to post representing me or my business in a positive light?

2. Is my personal opinion on a matter relevant to my business goals?

3. Can this post be offensive to others? If so at what cost and is it worth losing potential clients and business deals?

4. What do others business owners think of my business page?

5. Can I be located on other social media if so what does my posts look like there?

6. Do people tag me in their controversial topics, if so how do I respond?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself to see where you are with your business and to determine how far you want to go.

You set the tone for your business, what you do and do not allow let's other know if they would like to be affiliated with you and your business. If you recognize that you are an overly emotional person, try to refrain from reacting on impulse...if it's questionable action don't respond at all. You have the power of choice. Choose wisely.

Remember successful people continously think of ways to further their success, not destroy it.

Natasha McCain

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