What is your Hair Esteem?

Many of us could not answer how we truly feel about our hair. I chose to believe it's most of us because most of us genuinely don't know how to feel. With hair products, styling tools, and weaves at its all time high, do we embrace our hair enough to know what it is capable of doing? If you grew up like me, I was conditioned to think that I had no choice but to alter my hair because it is unruly, coarse, nappy, kinky, tight, stubborn, and just a down right mess to work with. I grew up hearing people complain about doing my hair, and hearing others complain about theirs so I thought it was normal or at least in my community. That was until I went to cosmetology school and found out that even in the text books that referenced to black hair was in a negative light...It was very uncomfortable hearing other races refer to hair like mine in a negative aspect, and even more so with fear. In school many were afraid to touch black clients hair period. This triggered something inside me. Who said my kind of hair was a bad thing to have? Who made the assumption? Why did I buy into the lie that my hair is different...who set the standards for different, and who gets to say what's normal and what's not?

So this change in my mind sparked something new in me. I learned to love and accept the hair I was blessed with no matter what it did or did not do and I'm thankful it's mine. I believe we all need to embrace our own uniqueness about our hair. Would God show one race favoritism and others not? I doubt that! But why do we?

How can we instill bravery, boldness, and genuiness in our children if we first can't say that we hold any of these qualities?

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