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What are subscription boxes?

Subscription Boxes

Q: What are subscription boxes? 

A: Each month we will have a special topic to focus on like hair and beauty, health and wellness, beauty hacks, and self help. By signing up you will receive a monthly gift box full of gifts, goodies, and treats. 


Q: Will I know what’s coming before it arrives? 

A: What good are surprises if you already know what you are getting, lol! We will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with your subscription box by keeping tabs on the latest trends and hot items.


Q: What happens if I receive a box that I’m not interested in?

A: If you have no use the gift box you receive, regifting is such a great way to brighten someone else’s day. They will never know unless you tell them! Use your subscription benefits for birthday gifts, holiday gifts, or any special occasion! 


Q: I’m not sure about subscribing, I’d rather purchase boxes when I feel like it, is that possible?

A: Sure! You can purchase some of our special occasion theme boxes. For example if you have a wedding, baby shower, or need a gift for a teenage boy we got you covered. Check the box and we will put together an amazing gift for your loved one from you! 


Q: Can I purchase a subscription for someone else? 

A: Yes! When filling out your sign up form simply state who you will be gifting, their age range, and if they are male or female. We can then personalize a monthly subscription for that special someone. 


Q: Who are the boxes good for?

A: Boxes are great for women, men, children, teens, grandparents, friends, couples, just about everyone!


Q: How ofter do i receive my box? 

A: You have the option of a monthly or quaterly subscription.  Monthly boxes will be sent out every month by the 10th. Quarterly boxes will be sent out every 3 months (4x a year) by the 10th of that month.

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We NEED Vendors!

*We are always ready to accept donations! We are also looking to partner with business owners, entrepreneurs and vendors to collaborate with us on our subscription boxes.

*We would need for you to advance us 20-30 of your products.(More as we grow) 


*We will put together your products in our subscription box and as they sell we will reimburse you for your products. We will also advertise your products in our subscription flyer for your future clients. 


*You must be sure to advertise the subscription boxes on your social media platforms. Not only will you be promoting your products but other business owners who have partnered with us with be promoting your products on their pages as well. 

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