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What we offer...

We will feature you and your business with a brief write up or video on our website in front of thousands of your future clients.

How will this help your business?  

Fifty percent of small businesses by year five have already closed doors.  One of the biggest issues is not having access to the right information and not knowing where to get it from. 

By being placed in our referral program you are not only helping our businesses succeed but you will be exposed to the many businesses looking specifically for YOUR services.


We are in search for businesses our clients can trust, build a relationship with, afford, and spread the word to grow your business as well. 

Ad referral packages 

Get Listed

Get listed along with other advertising businesses. Your business and its information will be listed on our referral page.


Successful Work Team

Spotlight Referral

Your business will be personally promoted by the Salon Boss Community. Your business will be the center of attention on our Spotlight Referral Partners Page along with a photo of your choice, a brief write up description, and a personalized video of you and your business... 


Photo Studio

Informative Video

We will create a short video business commercial if your business and it will play on our website for a whole year. You will also recieve a digital download copy of your personalized video. Video are a great way for people to meet you and visit your establishment before they arrive....



Spotlight Plus VIP

This bonus package will bring your business the customers your deserve!  With the Spotlight Plus VIP package you will get everything from the Spotlight Referral package plus a 6 month promotional package with Facebook and Instagram. No work required from you, leave the advertising to us!  


Marketing team meeting

We are looking for more partners to join our community! Please refer us to other business owners for complimentary shout outs to you and your business on social media.

*When you join our community by investing in the "Informative Video Package or higher your business will be featured on our VIP Referral Page!  This is a great way to promote your business to throughout our community and as well as other businesses!

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